Do Building Inspectors Check for Termites?

Pest-related issues are not part of a building inspector’s duty, or expertise. Building inspectors do not search for termite infestations and are not qualified to advise clients on pest-related matters, unless they have completed a separate certification, specifically for Pest inspections. However, if a building inspector does happen to discover what he believes might be pest-related issues, he will indicate that you should seek the professional advice of a qualified pest inspector to confirm any suspicions that he might have.

When it comes to damage, if the structural integrity of a building has been compromised at a visually detectable level, then a building inspector will include notification of the structural defect in the building inspection report, regardless of whether the structural damage was caused by pests, water, rot, age or poor workmanship.

We have an excellent, trusted Termite/Pest Inspector here in Perth that we use alongside the building inspections that we do. This means that we are able to coordinate your building and pest inspection all at the same time, for your convenience and peace of mind. Contact us for details. 

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