Everyone loves a bargain, especially when it comes to one of the biggest investments that they might make.

The “Fixer-up-er-er”
If you are looking for a home in a particular suburb, but are struggling to afford the average home in that area, then you have probably seen some of the entry level homes in that location. They are the homes that have been neglected for years. They have been unloved and ignored by their owners and often abused by tenants or renters. Often they have rot under the eaves from a lack of paint and adequate In some cases, this can be the best way to see the truth of a property’s condition. If the same property has had a bit of a touch up and fresh paint, it is often harder to see the “nasties” that can be lurking.

Hidden Problems
We have all heard the slick salesman say that “it just need’s a coat of paint!” But how can you tell if someone has hidden some serious problems in a home that you are considering buying? Well you can contact a professional building inspector who has experience in checking things that the average novice cannot see! Did you know that Cristian at Aridra Building Inspections, Perth will climb into the roof cavity and to inspect the structural integrity of your ceiling joists, support beams and the entire roof structure? Did you know that he uses a Trimex moisture reader to check for rising damp? Don’t take a risk, call Aridra Building Inspections today on 0409 299 409.

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