Will a Building Inspection tell me if there is mould in the house?

Aridra Building inspections always check for mould, with particular attention and care taken in wet areas and places where mould is most commonly found. This includes Bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and surrounding areas.

Aridra Building inspections use a hand-held moisture reading device, to detect for dampness and will be able to detect if mould is present. In many cases we will also be able to recommend ways to remedy the issue, and point you in the direction of local tradespersons who can fix the problem.

Normal bathroom walls and floors have a general moisture reading of around 3.5 to 5.5. Anything under 3.5 is great and anything above around 7.0 should be investigated and monitored. 

If there is too much moisture, it can indicate a number of potential causes: There might be a leak in your plumbing, the roof, or that waterproofing membrane under wet areas or under shower tiles is non-existent or damaged.

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