Everyone knows that water can be a powerful force. It can carve it’s way through a canyon of rocks over thousands of years and yes, it can cause thousands of dollars damage to your home if it makes it’s way past the external barriers of your home. If you ask any insurance company or building inspector in Perth, they will be able to tell you about the damage that can occur.

There are tell-tale signs to look for when checking for water damage. These can include stains in ceilings, under eaves and dampness in wall cavities and flooring. BUT, it is far wiser to check for POTENTIAL water damage problem areas before the damage is done.

One of the most common causes of water damage to ceilings and eaves is blocked gutters. You might not be there to check building gutters during or immediately after a heavy rain, but you can check for other signs. Are there dirty water stains on the outer face of the gutter or external wall cladding? Is paint peeling off the house or fascias in vertical strips?

It is important to check gutters and roof valleys to see that they are not blocked or containing leaves, sticks, dirt, rubbish or any other items that could be causing an obstruction to water flow. Winds can blow sand, seeds and other debris into your gutters and this can cause grass and even plants to take root and grow in your gutters. Even a tennis ball from the neighbors kid can severely cause a blockage in a gutter or down-pipe, restricting proper drainage and causing water to overflow causing damage to ceilings and eaves. Roofing materials can also crack and perish over time.

To reduce the likelihood of gutters becoming blocked, you can install gutter-guard or a similar mesh type barrier. This is never a guarantee against blocked gutters, but it does reduce the maintenance, severity and frequency of blocked gutters. We recommend that you check your gutters every year before winter so that you will not discover that you have a problem during a huge Perth storm or downpour.

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