Adding value is often foremost in most people’s minds when they consider spending money improving their home. Whether you are considering a DIY project or you are contemplating hiring a tradesperson to make improvements to your home, you will no doubt be considering how much value it will add to the eventual sale price of your home versus the cost and benefits. But in addition to this, there is one consideration that may have never even crossed your mind, and that is the health benefits. There are some home improvements that can really offer significant health benefits. These include flooring projects like installing new carpeting and floor coverings.

New carpet can go a long way to improving the appearance and comfort of a home and when combined with new paint or wall-papering, it can really brighten up a living area and help to give it a fresh, modern vibrancy that everyone will notice. This isn’t the only benefit offered by installing carpet in your home. Other benefits include:

Comfort and Reduced Energy Costs
Home carpeting provides added insulation from the cold. For people with fragile health or low immune systems, keeping a home at a comfortable, healthy temperature is a key element to avoiding sickness. Installing carpet can make a home more comfortable to live in, as well as warmer during the cold months and therefore cause a reduction in heating costs.

Reduced Dust and Allergens
Although dirty carpet can harbor dust and allergens, a well-vacuumed carpet can be an important defense against allergy and other respiratory problems. Hard flooring doesn’t capture dust and other pollens and carpet does, so if it is cleaned regularly, it can prevent dust, pet dander and other allergens from floating freely around in the air. Carpet captures these particles and by regularly vacuuming your carpet, you can reduce the problems that they cause to your health.

Tile and wooden flooring can sometimes look stunning with the right decor, but they are not as soft as carpeting. Elderly people and children are more likely to injure themselves falling onto a hard tile or wooden floor. Soft flooring reduces the impact of accidental falls. For this reason, plush carpeting is often a worthwhile investment for retirement homes and places where the elderly live.

Fewer Volatile Organic Compounds
Compared to other types of flooring, carpet emits far fewer volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. This means that a carpeted home’s air quality may be better than that of a home that uses another type of flooring. Volatile organic compounds are organic matter that can occur in a number of products, including flooring.

By choosing to have a trades-person install new carpet as a home improvement project, you can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and also help to improve your health and reduce allergies.

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